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Handmade 100 % Soy Candle Scented with Nature's Breath

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Handmade 100 % Soy Candle Scented with Nature's Breath


Our luxurious, soy handmade pure integrity natural candles are 100 percent plant based with cotton wicks. They are made with you the eco- intelligent and eco-conscious consumer in mind. Our candles are renewable, sustainable and healthy for the whole family. Our NatureBreath 100 percent soy candle is a must have for anyone with breathing problems. It is a perfect blend of eucalyptuand peppermint that is sure to open your air ways and relieve congestion.   

  • Scented breath, our breath scent is a combination of peppermint and eucalyptus making it a great natural way to open you up and help with congestion. 
  • High quality heavy scented with over 45 hours burn time 
  • Safe for the skin 
  • Clean burning producing 90 percent less soot than paraffin 
  • Burns slower and longer than paraffin wax 
  • Jars have thicker bottoms that protects furniture and airtight lids to preserve scent 
  • Burns with zero Petro soot, creating Petro soot free candle. 

Soy and Natural Colorant