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A Natural Way of Giving Yourself a Fragrance

Shower Gels & Soaps

Shower Gels & Soaps | Soaps

Jojoba and Shea Shower Gel with Coconut Lime has the refreshing scent of reflection of the tropics and the beach. Jojoba and Shea Shower gel is made from raw shea butter

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Shampoo & Conditioners

Conditioners | Leave in Moisturizer | Shampoo

Luxurious and rich coconut ingredients gently nourishs and cleanes hair Vitamin E and complete Vitamin B complex creates soft, smooth and healthy hair. Helps resotre damaged hair and keeps it looking healthy

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Client Reviews

Soft and sensual

Posted by Danielle Williams on 7th Nov 2019

I ABSOLUTELY enjoy using this product. It doesn't irritate my eczema and keeps my skin soft and moisturized throughout the day. I enjoy the scent, it's not overbearing.

Moisturizing. No irritation

Posted by Danielle Williams on 7th Nov 2019

This gel leaves my skin clean and moisturized. No sticky film left behind.

Cherry Almond

Posted by Greg on 1st Jul 2014

Definitely recommend this soap!!.It smells great and lathers very well !!

Nice Product

Posted by natalie on 6th Jan 2015

The Patchouli Spray smells nice but remember to shake before using. Could use a better spray bottle. A lot comes out under one compression. Thank you for the complimentary soap!

Featured Products

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils | Natural Body Oil Spray

A natural way of giving yourself a fragrance. The fragrance oil can be used in your bath water, lotions, and creams. The fragrance oils last a longer than alcohol based perfumes

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Skin Care

Shea Cream | Shea Lotion | Nature's Essential Butter 4 oz

Olive and Whipped Shea Cream scented with Coconut Lime is infused with the fatty acid of the the shea nut that contributes to the renewal of dry and wrinkled skin

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About Us

A place for all your natural hair, skin and aroma needs.

Restore smooth, hair full of life in an easy 3-minute treatment. Exclusive formulas are chosen for their ability to bring scalp and hair in balance with nature, balancing natural oil production and normalizing both dry and oily hair. Plant oil extracts help restore damaged hair.

Harmonized with a complete Vitamin B complex for body, shine and nourishment. The tantalizing fragrance will is refreshing pepermint scent with essential oils of rosemanry and pepermint.

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